A word to world

welcome , hello , khushaamadeed , swagatam , padharo mhare desh etc etc etc….. there is a chain to greet people we meet, visitors we know and some strangers we come to know. how silly is it to be a visitor on earth… i mean ofcourse we the human being has survived a thousand years to see today. calenders might have been changed but date has never changed… we surely have changed our time measuring equipments but we still can guess the time with moving sun.
sometimes a simple hello reminds a lot of thing but very few of us knows the story behind this word…. we all know the inventor graham bell and his famous first spoken words on telephone ‘mr watson, come here i want to see you’ from where this hello word come then ?
this was the name of his beloved miss hallow…
a simple spoken word became this popular that even the most powerfull president of the world now starts his conversation with this word….
so always think before you speak and speak what you can hear for yourself….. good day


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