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So I realized not much people got offended with my views on Arpita Gosh Sarkar’s Book A WALK Down the LANE. So here I come with another book I read 2nd time These Days. Flirting With Fate by Preeti Ma’am. I did not wanted to talk about this book as I know her personally and I found a very cooperative, gentle, quite lost in herself yet is always around Kind of a person but still While no body reads what I write , I think this is the best time to get all this out which is in my mind. By The Way I must say When they don’t read you much , they wont get offended and so is in my case (Happy though huh!) so I bought this book by my own money and so I am allowed to write or say whatever I like. The book Cover seems so saint. Saffron kind of feeling it gave and I also heard the book is a crime thriller so I thought the book must be having a hero (tintin types or sharlak holms at most) who fights with the villain or Bad powers across the country, around the world or beyond the earth at max. The story it self started like the protagonist (which I thought to be a hero) claimed him an orphan found on the stairs of an orphanage. They Name him Anand (feels like the writer is a huge fan of Rajesh Khanna which I now know how huge fan she is) the protagonist Anand is not a hero but the villain. The idea was not of the writer originally which she accepted on the very second page. (though I would be damn sure about this after knowing her, even if she had not mentioned it). Anand is a Destroyer since his childhood. Imagine killing someone by burning her when that someone actually adore the killer as her son. Dramatic, Insane or seriously killer instinct? Say Whatever But Anand is like that only. But What He found after that? Nothing, Siffer.  A big Zero he got by the fate. But he did not stop there, No, How Could he when he had his plans for more revenges. But the irony is, He lost more with his each revenge.  The more he destroyed the more he lost. That’s why they name the book flirting with fate. I always thought there are two type of people living on earth, One who learn from their mistakes and another who learn from people’s mistakes and then I met anand the third kind, who learnt never till he lost everything he had and must be still planning for another revenge. I don’t know if the writer chose the right place to bring him up or a right way of taking revenge but it was scary. It reminded me a few English movies I saw like SAW. God bless the sweet fluffy. I thought we must develop an application or machine to understand dog language while I was reading the book. The one who suffered the most was fluffy because he saw the devil very close every time but could do nothing. He must have been died a little every time he saw anand taking his revenge like a psycho but fluffy could do nothing. But After all I liked the way a sinner got his punishment. They say it right when they say A criminal cant live so long. The more brutal the criminal is, the more brutally the fate punishes him. One can run from people, cities and everyone he know or who knows him but he can never run out from his fate. As they say its not the end if its not ended happily, the same is with the book.

The book ended with a good note, NO its not anand’s death but it is something more than that.  A criminal mind with a thousand dreams having in his eyes but cannot fulfill even a single one. No punishment could be better than this as decided by the fate.

The book cannot be left unread and it was as fresh as I read it for the first time around an year back from now.

The book costs 150 rs and is been published by Mahaveer publishers. Pages are as good as expected from the publisher, well written and flawless printing.

Why to buy : If you Like sansani , Gumrah and India fights back kind of serials, If you like murder mystery with a decent, elegant touch. If you have ever seen such devilish relatives around whom you know is the rapist kind of people but could never tell anyone. Read the book and find how fate decides their lives. Raise your voice before they harm you or someone else seriously.

Why Not to buy : If you are one of those destroying minds, Having that revenge policy which seems to make you happy but is good for nothing. If you like Love stories and are not interested in some hard realities around.

Over all I would suggest to rate the book once after you read it and I can give you thousand reasons of how the book is worth reading. Completely offensive  #Happy Reading